Learning Letters: An Easy DIY Matching Activity

Make learning the alphabet more fun for your wee one with this DIY matching game

Photography by Damaris Santos-Palmer, Kitchen Corners

Learning the alphabet is the all-important beginning of a child’s written language skills. But helping them to discover the fun of learning their letters is the really tricky part.

Enter the Learning Letters game. We found this great activity from Damaris Santos-Palmer at Kitchen Corners. It turns learning the alphabet into a fun matching game using just a few inexpensive items.

What You’ll Need:

  • A baking sheet (old or new)
  • Magnetic letters
  • Permanent marker

You can also teach your child how to spell words using the magnetic letters on the blank side of the baking sheet once they’ve mastered the alphabet. Take this activity one step further by throwing numbers into the mix! Once your kiddo hits kindergarten, you can use this activity as a visual for solving math problems.

Find full instructions over at Kitchen Corners.

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