Make an Amazing Soda Pop Geyser

Create a fun (and messy!) fountain of foam with soda and mints

Make a Soda Geyser
What’s better than soda, candy and explosions? Put them all together and make a huge mess! That’s right. This science project may be the most exciting thing your kids do this summer! And to sweeten it even more, you can find all the materials at the corner store.


  • 1 (2L) bottle of Diet Coke (less sugar = less sticky mess)
  • Sheet of paper
  • 1 Roll of Mentos mints



Step 1: Remove the lid from the Diet Coke and set the bottle on a flat surface (outside)

Step 2: Roll the paper into a tube so it will just fit into the mouth of the bottle. The tube must be big enough to hold the mints.


Make a paper tube and fill it with mints.


Step 3: Put your finger over the hole in the bottom of the tube and fill it with the mints.

Step 4: Quickly empty the mints, all at once, from the paper tube into the bottle and stand back!


Quickly empty the mints into the bottle from the tube.


Safety Tips & Hints:

Wear glasses or safety goggles  and stand back after adding the mints or you might get soaked. Do this experiment outdoors.


The Science Behind the Fun:

Scientists think the sweetener and other chemicals in the Diet Cooke react with chemicals in the Mentos mints. Carbon dioxide bubbles from the reaction form very quickly on all the tiny holes on the rough, pitted surface of the candy. This causes an enormous release of carbon dioxide bubbles that builds pressure in the bottle and sends a jet of soda and bubbles shooting into the air.


Special thanks to our friends over at Quarry Books for sending us a copy ofKitchen Science Lab for Kids by Liz Lee Heinecke

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