March Break Madness: 21 Great Ideas for the Whole Family

Looking for a few creative ways to keep your kiddos entertained for March Break? We've got you covered!

March Break is mere weeks away, and we have some fun ideas to help you keep your gang busy all week long. And while only one involves parents drinking copious amounts of wine…of course wine can be incorporated into the rest if you so desire.

Hit the Road and Travel:


Enjoy a last-minute family getaway

Want to hit the road but not sure it’s in the family budget? Learn about how you can save money and still take a memorable family vacation with some last-minute travel ideas.

Exciting (and kid-friendly) family travel

Looking to travel on budget with the family this year? We’ve got 5 excellent travel destinations (and reasons for each why that destination is little-appropriate).

10 tips when hitting the “Happiest Place on Earth”

Have you already committed to Disney? Our resident Disney expert shares his best tips to help you prepare for a trip to the Magic Kingdom.

Party it Up:


Host a sleepover

We share some helpful hints for making a sleepover a success (rather than a snooze-fest!).

Host a coffee klatsch for your friends

Want to have some fun this winter? Why not host a party celebrating it…with coffee and desserts!

Treat everyone to an ice cream buffet

Keep the kids and their neighbourhood friends entertained for a few hours. Everyone will love it, smiles will abound and you’ll be the host or hostess with the most-ess.

Bake Up a Storm:


Recipe: the incredible edible alphabet

Spend some time together in the kitchen and spell out “March Break Fun” with these easy-to-make colourful snacks.

Recipe: kaleidoscope cookies

These Kaleidoscope Cookies are good cookies to involve younger children in making, because there is no wrong way to blend the balls of dough. Every cookie will have a different look.

Recipe: sugar thins

These cookies are so simple you can set up the ingredients and let the littles take over from there.

Get Crafty:


Kid glove creatures

Your wee ones surely lost a glove or two over the last few months. Turn any lonely mate-less gloves into custom-designed toys with this easy, inexpensive craft project.

Ice cream science

A science experiment that the littles can eat when it’s done? You betcha; ice cream for everyone!

Candleholders from wax and balloons

DIY candle holders made from wax. So simple you’ll make dozens.

Stay-Cation Fun:


Organize the chaos

Staying put this March Break? Why not get organized all over again…so the last semester of school goes as smoothly as possible!

Read with (or to!) them

Spend at least a little bit of time focusing on your littles…reading is a great way to reopen lines of communication with little kids and even big ones.

Cook ahead

Make some headway into the next few weeks’ dinners with some serious big batch meals. It’s one less thing to worry about at 5:30 when the littles ask what’s for dinner.



At-home spa in 30 minutes

Get ready for spring with these quick and easy hair and skin rejuvenators.

Need a little R ‘n’ R?

Head to a local spa for stress relief and relaxation. Our cross-country spies have the scoop on the best spas across the country.

Indulge your belly

Savoury steak topped with creamy, buttery, blue cheese with a hit of smoky bacon? This is pure indulgence.



Brain-boosting activities for toddlers

Keep your toddler’s brain busy with these fun games and activities.

Cool card games

Sometimes all you need is a simple deck of playing cards to keep the kids entertained for hours. Here are five great card games they’ll love.

Edible, kid-friendly finger paints

Help your child channel her inner artist with this recipe for homemade finger paint.



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