Montessori Kids Garden for Earth Day

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What will your kids do to celebrate Earth Day?

We’re crazy about the gardening program at Mississauga Montessori school Kaban.

Gardening is a big part of the environmental program at Kaban (which is named for the Mayan word for “earth”). Kaban students tend their own schoolyard garden, which they start in recycled pots and transfer to raised outdoor beds. The students, who range in age from preschool to 12 years old, grow tomato plants from seed, and herbs like basil, parsley, lavender, oregano and thyme, as well as crops of peas and carrots.

They plant seeds in early spring and water, weed and care for the plants throughout the growing season.

Later this summer, Kaban gardeners will harvest their school-grown bounty, which they’ll help to cook and eat. Last year, they even made pesto and sold it to their parents, proving no one is too young to become an entrepreneurial farmer.

According to Kaban’s teachers, the organic gardening activities build students’ self-esteem, and provide the students with a greater sense of connection with the environment and the very food they eat. We love it!

Want to get your own kids involved in backyard gardening? Pick up a copy of Everyday Eden ($30, Harbour Publishing) by Canadian gardening experts Christina Symons and John Gillespie. The book is packed with info on family-friendly green garden projects like building a bean teepee (fun!), planting a bottle garden, or growing tattooed pumpkins. The back of the book features a great selection of recipes and décor ideas, and we’re super-inspired by the fresh and bright photos.

Do you garden with your kids? Will you be planting anything for Earth Day?

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