More Great iPhone Apps For Kids

Peekaboo Barn

We received such a great response from our last post that we had to do a follow up with more apps that we’ve discovered:

Dr. Seuss Janet commented on our last post and reminded us of the Dr. Seuss apps (how could we forget?!). ABC is great for little ones learning their alphabet and lets kids choose between being read to or reading the story themselves. Great for preschoolers. $2.99.

Geocaching Think a high-tech treasure hunt (in which GPS guides you) with a virtual web of strangers who are looking to uncover geocaches (little trinkets hidden in containers) scattered all over the place–often in the woods. When you find one you take the trinket and replace it with a new one! It’s surprisingly rewarding, and a great activity for tweens and teens, or grab the whole family and spend an afternoon outdoors. Well worth the extra dollars: $9.99.

iLearnTheTime A cutie pie giraffe helps newbie time tellers learn how to read and understand a clock though four fun mini games. $1.99.

Scribble Lite No more carrying extra pads of paper and crayons mom, Scribble Lite is like a portable easel for kids to create and recreate (simply shake your phone and the image disappears), and the best part? No mess (oh yeah, and it’s free!).

Stanza If don’t have a Kindle yet, you’ll love this boredom-busting app for older kids. Choose from a library of 50,000 books to read while on the go. The initial cost is free, but you pay per book.

Peekaboo Barn Inside a lively barn is a collection of farm animals waiting to pop out. Kids open the barn door to see who is inside, and learn about animal names (available in English and Spanish) and their sounds. $1.99.

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