New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii is Super Fun

$60, Toys R Us and other national retailers

This summer we had the lucky chance to play a demo copy of the New Super Mario Bros. game for the Wii, and we have to admit that we were a little worried because there was still some kinks that needed to be worked out. But, we got a copy of our own and brought it home last night, and all of the fond memories of Mario and Luigi past came right back.

Yes, that’s right the quirky quips and sounds from Mario and the gang, plus the fantastical story lines and secret tunnels, bonus levels and more are all  back. Some changes made to the game include the ability to play cooperatively – yes , that means Mario, Luigi and a couple Mushroom fellas can all gang up on the big bad Bowzer and Co. There is also the propeller suit that lets your fly up to otherwise unreachable locations and the penguin suit, which lets you freeze opponents and allows you to handle the ice and snow better. We are still getting used to shaking the control to enable the propeller suit, and, even after nearly three hours of game play, we are still in the first level (what, we aren’t 10 anymore!) and we are sad to admit we have not yet had the chance to use the penguin suit.

The game is definitely a throw back to the traditional 2D game – just straightforward good guy Mario out to save the world – and that is exactly why we love it. It is a little piece of nostalgia for parents but just as fun and addictive as it was when we were kids and teens. We know what we will be playing before heading to grandma’s for Christmas dinner.

And until then, us less-than-stellar game players will be trying mercilessly to beat level one, luckily we have the little ones who can help us out in cooperative mode.

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