Our 15 Favourite Toys and Games To Get Kids Active!

Busy bodies will enjoy bouncing to make this monkey squeal. $35, V-Tech.

It’s the second installment of our “Lucky 15” contest! As part of our big birthday extravaganza, and because we love giving things away, each month on the 15th we will be doing a round up of 15 things we love, with prizes to be won at the end. This month, it’s time to get moving with our 15 favourite active toys!

1. Little Jumpers Trampoline (Alex Toys, $100) Kids ages three through seven will jump for joy at the sight of this colourful trampoline. Small enough to keep indoors, and low enough to prevent painful tumbles, this toy is sure to tire you little one out.

2. Mini Goal Set (Mylec, $30) If your children are in love with Canada’s game, this might be the only toy they ever want to play with. Whether it’s shooting practice for one, or a tournament for 10, four- to 12-year olds will love boosting their heart rate with this Canadian staple.

3. Twister (Hasbro, $20) This classic game will have kids five through 12 laughing as they stretch, balance and build strength and coordination.

4. Classic Cozy Coup (Little Tikes, $50) For 30 years, toddlers have been getting their feet moving in this cute car.  Kids love being in the driver’s seat, and parents love the quality. This durable toy can be used indoors or outdoors and will survive almost any bump, scrape and birthday party.

5. Dr. Seuss Super Stretchy ABC Game (The Wonder Forge, $19) Like Twister, but with a… twist? This literacy-building game uses similar balance and coordination challenges to teach kids the alphabet. Ages three to five.

6. Bucket Blast (Distribution Solutions LLC, $36) This old- fashioned bean bag game can be played in the house or in the park.  The set features 15 games for endless physical fun with buckets and beanbags for relay races, toss-and-catch games, balancing challenges and more. Great for co-operative play.

7. Toy Story 3 Woody’s Run Around Round Up Game (Wild Planet, $30) Little ones have to listen to Woody’s clues and run to tag the Toy Story character he describes in this game that will have your preschooler listening, thinking and moving.

8. Scoop and Ball Set (Merchants, $7) This scoop and ball set is a more active, and less dangerous, take on the old egg and spoon race. Great for kids of all ages.

9. Hasbro Giraffalaff Limbo (Hasbro, $20) Little ones try to limbo under a laughing giraffe in this cute take on a classic game.

10. Fun and Fitness Stationary Bike (Redmon for Kids, $90, Toys and Games Online) This toy is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a small, colourful stationary bike, for kids. While adults may think of stationary bike with dread, this bike may be just the thing to help your 3- to 7-year old quickly expend some energy on a homework break.

11. Jungle Gym Monkey Moves Smart Seat (V-Tech, $35, above) In the Smart Seat, your toddler glides and bounces back and forth to raises the monkey’s arms, and are rewarded with fun sounds, lights, and songs.

12. Monster Bowling Soft Playset (Melissa and Doug, $20) Bowling is a great way for kids to learn co-ordination, but why play with the standard plastic pins and balls when you could play with 10 scary stuffed monsters instead? Great for one or more kids.

13. Maze Balance Board (Wee Blossom, $50) This balancing game builds strength and coordination while kids use their weight to move a marble through a maze. This is a fun and challenging game for kids five through nine.

14. Fun and Fitness Comprehensive DVD and Jump Rope (Redmon for Kids, $30) While your kid may already know how to jump rope, a few new games may be just what she needs to stay interested. This DVD is full of great games and tricks.

15. Bungee Jumper (Monkey Business, $24) This spongy bungee jumper is easy to balance and can’t scuff up your floors. Perfect for bouncy kids ages five through eight.

For your chance to win a fun family-friendly movie to watch after you’ve got your kids all tired out, please leave a comment below letting us know which one of these fun March break ideas you would enjoy the most. 15 winners will receive a Scooby-Doo: Curse Of The Lake Monster Blu-ray combo pack courtesy of Warner Home Video.

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