Our Favourite FREE Online Children’s Websites


Looking to introduce your wee one to the computers early on? Check out these fun websites (which are great for toddlers and preschoolers) to help ease them into using technology, with a little educational play to boot!

Kneebouncers.com has 18 different mini games to choose from, including ones to learn about shapes, the alphabet and music, as well as less-than-educational games like waking up Sammy the Monkey and splashing in puddles. While parents will need to help navigate between games, toddlers can take hold of the controls by pressing any key on the keyboard to elicit a response from the game, which makes it a safe place for little ones to have at it, without fear of losing this weeks grocery list or big brother’s homework.


Moshimonsters.com is a little more advanced than Kneebouncers.com and although it does ask for players to sign up for the website it is still a free site—plus we just love the wide-eyed cutie pie monsters. To play kids are encouraged to adopt their very own pet monster and then care for their pet through educational games which earn them virtual rewards (think Tamagotchi with an educational twist). Their success rate is tracked and everything from initial registration to access to forums is first ok’ed by parents.



KidsCBC.ca is the companion website to the children’s TV lineup that runs weekday mornings on the CBC. Little ones will find free videos, skill-building games and printable colouring pages featuring their favourite Kids’ CBC stars, like Patty and Bo on the Go. There’s also a website for older kids (age six and up) that offers plenty of free games and cool educational articles.

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