5 Tips for Creating an All-Ages Easter Bash

Throw an Easter party to remember this year for the kids of your ‘hood with crafts, activities, and egg-speriments galore!


1. Spring into Easter:

Involve the kids in spring crafts (which can double as Easter decor) days or weeks in advance. Start a party-planning committee to decide on your menu, invite list and fun games to play, and hold your meeting outside.

2. Candy is just as pretty as it is delicious:


Fill vintage glass jars of varying sizes with multi-coloured goodies. Use egg-shaped candy, such as jelly beans and chocolate eggs, and be sure to have extras on hand in case your decor needs replenishing.

3. Create edible Easter pops:

Mix one box of crushed, jelly-centered sandwich cookies with 2/3 cup of strawberry flavoured cream cheese. Chill for 30 minutes. Make egg-shaped balls using about 1 1/2 tablespoons of mixture. Insert a colourful straw into end, and chill for one hour. Dip entire egg in chocolate and use a sandwich bag with a corner cut out to decorate with coloured chocolate.

4. Introduce an Easter tree as part of your family’s traditions:


Decorate a beautiful branch with homemade ornaments that will last from year to year, such as decoupage Styrofoam eggs, homemade clothespin bunnies and spring-inspired felt shapes and buttons strung together to make a garland. Try this version with sparkly eggs hung from pussy willow branches.

5. Revamp the traditional egg hunt:


Hide clues in reusable plastic eggs that will lead treasure-seekers to an ultimate prize (but to be sure to include other surprise-filled eggs along the way to make sure little ones stay keen on the hunt). Make it harder by expanding outdoors, and invite neighbours over to participate. Read our 9 tips on upping the game when it comes to Easter egg hunting.


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