Amazing Race-Style Birthday Party

On Sunday nights my daughter and I watch the Amazing Race. Truth be told she usually conks out mid-program but it is our Sunday night tradition. She’s rooting for the Goths. I like the Globetrotters. During last week’s premiere she asked if she could have an Amazing Race birthday party this year (she’ll be seven in June). It got me thinking how much fun and somewhat educational it could be.
A little online searching led me to Peppers and Pollywogs which had some great ideas on how to make one happen, including:

Possible clue tasks:
• Finding a local marker at a nearby park, taking team pictures at it, and singing a silly song to get the next clue
• Visiting the library and looking up some interesting facts on a topic in order to get the next clue
• Assembling a small puzzle get the next clue

Possible detours:
• Untying ribbons that are tied throughout a backyard and trying to find one marked with a black X
• Counting the contents of a jar full of buttons
• Counting the total number of benches in a mall complex or park

Depending on size of party, you’ll need a few parent volunteers to keep on eye on teams, especially if you are travelling around a neighbourhood, but I think this would be totally doable just along our street and at our local park.

We could also incorporate some ideas from the It’s a Small World party we featured in the magazine.

Plus I found some cute invitations by Lexi Daly here.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has had a similar party for any additional tips.

–Robin, CF‘s senior editor

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