Birthday Parties: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Photo by Donna Griffith

So we are knee-deep in birthday party season at my house. My girl has been to three this month alone with three more over the next couple weeks. Which begs the question: do you simply drop off your child at the door, wave and beat a hasty retreat or do you stick around for the event?

My girl takes ages to warm up to a new situation and will ask repeatedly, “You’re staying, right?” which makes for some awkward moments. Last month I was the only mom to stay at a house birthday party because Charlotte refused to stay otherwise. Luckily I seemed to be among the majority at a party on the weekend, lamenting with other moms in the same boat about our children who don’t seem to get the idea of “you play, we go.”

I know I should probably just leave and hope for the best in terms of her making a fuss, but then I think about the poor mom who has probably worked hard to create the perfect party for her child and a crying, grumpy guest is probably the last thing she needs. I hope this is just a phase. I hope at some point she looks at me and says “Mom, you have to go. Now.” I also hope I’m not the only mom out there worrying about this.

–Robin, CF’s Senior Editor

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