DIY Ways To Celebrate Spring

We had such a great weekend here in the city, and now we are thinking of more ways we can ring in the warmer weather! Whether your little one is into science or sports, we’ve got the best ways to get outside and enjoy the weather (and most of the supplies you can find at home!)

Bike parade: Start by decorating your bikes (or trikes!) and then march along the neighborhood together. Tip: Ask one of the adults of the ‘hood to bring a boombox so you can rock out while you ride. Afterwards, celebrate with a BBQ feast and hand out awards for the best (or silliest or funniest!) pimped-out rides.

Toy wash: By the end of last season the sandbox toys, scooters and skateboards had seen better days. But invite the whole clan out to your driveway for a toy wash—have buckets of soap and water on hand to get last year’s grime off, and get ready for a whole new season of play. This is also a great time to go through your toys and see what you’re ready to give away.

Boat Building Race: Collect leftover scraps and materials (look for Styrofoam, cardboard, egg cartons, Popsicle sticks, elastics—whatever you can collect) and challenge friends and family to a boat- building race. Set a time limit and start building. Grab a picnic and take the boats to test them out in a friend’s pool or at a pond. Add pennies to check for stability or have a race and set up a finish line.

Chocolate Olympics: So Easter is over, what do you do with all of that chocolate now? Well, riding on the excitement of the Olympics try out chocolate-egg mini golf. Simply use separated egg carton cups as your holes (tape them to the table, with the open end parallel to the table) and number them accordingly. Use your teaspoon golf club to be the first one to get sink the egg! Mmm, winners keep the leftover chocolate!

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