Hold Your Own Toy Swap

Photo courtesy of EDgAR H. via Flickr.

It’s that time of year again! Spring cleaning has settled upon us and by now the toys your kids couldn’t live with out at Christmas have lost their lustre and the kids are getting that new-toy itch. So why not hold a toy swap? It’s a great way to get rid of your kids’ cobweb-collecting, soon-t0-be-forgotten toys and will give them something new to play with to tide them over until their birthday or next December.

So how do you do it? Nothing fancy. Our senior editor Robin Stevenson found herself chatting with other mommies during their girls’ Sparks meeting, and her girls disinterest in Polly Pockets led to a nearly-new Easy Bake Oven at their next meeting.

But if you haven’t found the perfect swap, or are looking for more than a one-off trade, why not hold a swapping party? You can make it really fun by inviting kids and parents and serving pot luck goodies (to keep costs down, and make it easy for the hostess). Set up booths for the stuff each family is looking to get rid of (like ‘The Jones’s Junk’ or ‘Treasures from a Former Sesame-Street-o-holic’) and, weather permitting, move the fun outdoors (for more space) and invite the whole block to partake. Expand the swap to beyond just toys; Moms have a ton of unused gear, especially in the early years, that can be recycled to help out a new mommy.

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