Great Winter Party Idea: Host a Coffee Klatsch

Want to have some fun this winter? Why not host a party celebrating it...with coffee and desserts!


Are you starting to think about spring yet? Even though the holiday season has only just concluded, it seems that department stores, radio stations, cafés and even your friends have already begun to wish that winter was over. This year, instead of hoping for winter to disappear, why not indulge and host a party to celebrate it? We (who LOVE coffee), think it’s a fantastic idea.

The idea: host a coffee party!

Invite your friends for a traditional German ‘coffee klatsch’! This custom originated in Germany in the late 1800s and combines the German words for coffee and conversation or gossip. Simply brew a variety of coffees, set out some desserts and you’re done. You—and your guests—still get the benefit of entertaining, but with less fuss than other typical soirées. Which is just what we want during the busy days and nights of January and February. We actually love this idea for a baby shower or even wedding shower (but we also love it for a typical Snowy Saturday).

Just like with wine, coffee comes in many flavours and varieties…and just like wine, different types of coffee pair perfectly with the different flavours and sweetness levels of different desserts.

We recommend the following coffee/dessert pairings:

Light and lively Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees pair nicely with sorbet, lemon squares, fruit pies and bars.

Medium and balanced Hawaiian and Costa Rican coffees go well with crème brûlée, crème caramel, mocha cheesecake and cream tarts.

Smooth and full-bodied Columbian and Guatemalan coffees are great with cheesecakes, waffles and cream or strawberry shortcake.

Bold and intense Sumatran coffees are a lovely accompaniment for dark chocolate mousse, chocolate brownies or wine-infused desserts.

Feel free to do some sampling of your own at home—try different coffees with cookies, cakes, brownies and pies. Then invite all of your friends over to do the same. We’re certain they will thank you for it. And we hope you’ll invite us.

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