How to Not Let Rain Ruin Your Party

Don't let summer showers spoil the fun! Keep your party rolling with these three simple tips

Photography by John Cullen

After months of party planning one glimpse at the long-range forecast could send even the most well-prepared hostess into a tizzy. But a little rain doesn’t have to ruin your day. Expert party planner Georgina Bruinsma-Cajic, founder of Events by Design, shares her tips for making the most of a bad situation

1. Just keep smiling. I advise clients to 
have a “the show must go on” attitude no matter what the forecast. Don’t be rigid in your vision; be flexible with your plans. If the event 
is a sit-down dinner, make it an indoor buffet 
or cocktail party if a lack of chairs is an issue. If it’s a kids’ party, have indoor games prepared as if the party was planned this way.

2. Devise a plan.
 Arrange the party into multiple stages, such as games, food, 
cake, presents and crafts. If rain should 
occur, you can easily mix up the different 
party components so that the stages that can be done indoors most easily take place when 
it’s raining; then, with any luck, the rain 
will clear up in time for you to go outside.

3. Roll with it. If it is certain that the 
weather will be bad for your child’s birthday, let the rain become part of the fun. The night before, request that kids bring raincoats and boots because play activities (using water 
balloons and the sprinkler) will be outside.

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