Great Green Party Loot

Who needs another little plastic doohickey? Here are our picks for great green goody bags

Great Green Party Loot1 Paper balloons are available at specialty paper stores, and will last longer than plastic balloons, as they can be inflated and deflated again and again.

2 Reusable organic fabric bag, $7, Lucky Crow.

3 Two-by-Two Organic Biscuits, $8, DoveTale Collect

4 Preserve Jr. Endangered Species toothbrushes, $3 each, Recycline.

5 Smencil scented recycled-newspaper pencil, $2, macFABhome.

6 Potted plants are another great option for loot — prices vary depending on how elaborate you’d like
to be with the pot and the plant.

7 Wool-felt fortune cookies, $3, Honeybunch Homestore for Kids.

8 Anamalz organic-maple horse, $6, HaPe Toys.

9 Organic candy, $5 per bag, Pure Fun.

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