Plan a Neighbourhood Easter Egg Hunt: 7 Tips

Want to throw an outdoor neighbourhood Easter egg hunt? Don't start without reading these 7 tips.


Organizing a neighbourhood activity is a great idea. Especially when the weather is starting to get better and the kids (and adults!) want to spend some time outside, exploring. An Easter egg hunt is the perfect way to welcome spring and to get all the littles in your ‘hood scrambling around, having fun and enjoying themselves. Here are  our top tips for organizing one.

Do you have any tips for an egg hunt?

Keep it Simple

Initiate an egg hunt with neighbours and share the prep. A few days before, determine which yard to hide the eggs in and the games to be played. Ask each family to contribute a dozen surprise-filled eggs per child as well as a basket. Cut candy consumption by filling a third of the eggs with stamps, seeds, shoelaces, erasers, barrettes, whistles and temporary tattoos. Have a platter of veggies and dip and quartered cheese sandwiches on hand.

Dress for the Weather

Layers always ensure happiness…especially at Spring outdoor escapades.

Decorate with Flowers

No need for fussy garlands and bunny-shaped cut-outs: use nature’s bounty to decorate the party zone. To make a simple bouquet, work with four different varieties of flowers in a three-colour palette, gathering clumps of five identical blooms. Here, French tulips (a sturdy variety with a graceful sweep) stand tall at the back, bordered by sunny ranunculus, fragrant lilac and a feathery fringe of parrot tulips.

Share a Story

Explain the day’s traditions with fun facts: eggs are an ancient symbol of new life; the Easter tradition in Norway is to read a murder mystery; red is
consistently the most popular colour of jelly bean. Throw in a joke and you’ll have their attention: Why did the Easter egg hide? It was a little chicken.

Have an Alternate Activity

Keep kids who tire of hunting happy with a craft table. Lay out eggs, ribbons, stickers, fruit baskets and fabric trims—enough to keep them weaving for a while.

Gather your happy bunnies and continue the fun with an egg toss, egg and spoon race and an egg roll down a grassy slope.

Personalize the Details

Capitalize on your kids’ love of photography with a structured hunt, asking them to find and photograph signs of spring (like crocuses, robins, buds and worms). Set up a scavenger-like hunt with a list of things to find like sticks, specifically-coloured rocks and even snow (!).

Think about the Parents

Bring a vat of coffee from a neighbourhood café. It tends to still be a bit cool out, so set up a coffee station on your porch. You get to relax, it keeps everyone warm and you score your good neighbour points without having to clean up the shambles beyond your own front porch.


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