The Perfect Preschooler Birthday Party Gift

Photo courtesty of Pint Size Productions.

Soon after my daughter turned one, back in the spring, we were quickly swept up in the continual birthday party circuit. Although I had no problems choosing the sweetest outfits for my little party-goer, I had a much tougher time finding the perfect gifts for the birthday boy or girl.

I spent hours scouring the mall and my favourite online sites, but everything felt so impersonal. Plus, I had no idea which toys or books these kids already had­—I’d hate to be the bearer of a duplicate gift. I’m not sure why I put so much pressure on myself. I guess I pride myself on being an awesome gift-giver…what can I say?

Fast-forward to the other day when I opened up an email from a friend telling me about a perfect gift idea: personalized board books! You can weave a special kid’s name and photo, along with a personal dedication, into a Sandra Boynton story or have your little ones create and publish their own tale in a blank board book to give as a gift. Prices are totally reasonable and you can be guaranteed no one else will show up with the same gift!

—Christina, CF‘s managing editor

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