Perfume Talk: Finding Your Signature Scent

Photography by Prada

The first time I ever put on perfume, I stole a spritz of my stepmom’s Chanel No. 5. I loved smelling like her. It made me feel distinguished, even though Chanel No. 5 goes better with St. John Knits than Chucks, jeans and Gap hoodies. So, I continued my thieving ways and lifted some of my sister’s Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers perfume. Again, distinguished. But again, not me, as I didn’t wear floral babydoll dresses and leggings. (Thank god I didn’t wear floral baby doll dresses and leggings.)

And then I stopped stealing and used my allowance to buy my very first perfume: Escape by Calvin Klein. Then came Poême by Lancome, and then Abercrombie.

Then I turned 30. And realized I didn’t want to smell like the shirtless teenagers who worked at A&F anymore (Although admittedly, I still like to catch a whiff as I walk past the store in the mall.)

So, then came Juicy and then Vera Wang.

And now, at the tender age of 33, I have finally decided what I like to smell like. It’s not floral or fruity. Instead, it’s, well, like a chocolate chip cookie. Oh yes, I like to smell like baked goods.

And thanks to the lovely Loukia (aka Mrs. Loulou), I have discovered how I can get that smell without having to open a bakery of my own—and without forcing people to run for the hills and/or making people hungry.

It’s called Candy by Prada. And I love it.

What’s your scent of choice?

—Ali, senior associate editor of

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