Pick of the Week: A Custom iPhone Case from Case-Mate

We parents are notorious for plastering photos of our lovely children on every surface imaginable. It’s true. One look around my house and you will see that my children are everywhere—on the wall, on the fridge, on my screen saver, on magnets, on mugs, on tote bags.

The team over at Case-Mate have obviously done their research, because they have come up with yet another way for us to show off our kids—with their DIY custom iPhone case. It’s so simple to do, too. All you have to do is head over to their site, upload your photo of choice, and leave the rest to them. You have the option of choosing a case from their designers’ collection of patterns too, if you would prefer.

The Barely There case is one of the most popular cases because its slim design provides more-than-adequate coverage and protection for your phone, without adding all of the extra bulk. The Tough case comes in two parts—an interior silicone skin and an exterior hard shell made of ABS plastic. The combination of the dual layers ensures that your case will be extra protected from any (expected) slips or fumbles.

The Case-Mate Tough DIY Custom Case, $40, and the Case-Mate Barely There DIY Custom Case, $35, at Case-Mate.com

—Ali, Senior Associate Editor of Cf.ca

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