Pick of the Week: Kids Tea Pack from Teaopia

Photography by Teaopia

It’s no surprise that kids like to mimic what adults do. They like to wear skinny jeans and they like to wear lip gloss, so why wouldn’t they want to follow in their parents’ footsteps by having a cup of  tea in the afternoon?

The folks at Teaopia know that it’s not just grown-ups who are loving this loose-leaf, flavoured tea craze, it is the kids too! So they have come out with their own Kids Tea Pack. The four-tin set includes great-smelling flavours—apple pear, cherry, tropical fruit punch and strawberry kiwi—that are sure to be a hit with tea-drinkers of any age.

And parents can feel good knowing that all four teas are sugar- and caffeine-free, which is a far better (and healthier) option than the sugary alternatives our kids often request. They taste great served hot or cold too!

If you need help planning the perfect tea party, we have a great guide and fantastic tea party menu for you.

Kids Tea Pack, $15, Teaopia

One response to “Pick of the Week: Kids Tea Pack from Teaopia”

  1. Holly says:

    This is a great set but they are sold out online. Teaopia also has a really cute kids teapot and cups for $25.00.