Pregnant Jessica Simpson Loves Tex-Mex and Snoogles and Ellen Reminds Her She’s Big [VIDEO]

An increasingly pregnant Jessica Simpson made an appearance on Ellen yesterday wearing tiny sky-high heels (which are amazing, despite the danger factor) to discuss her pending due date.

During the interview, Simpson admits that she’s been feeling Braxton-Hicks contractions, but that her due date is still “some weeks” away. Ellen reveals a platter of nachos, salsa and onion rings for Simpson to munch on, and gifts her with a Snoogle—a body pillow that Simpson absolutely loves but “doesn’t have in blue.” Ellen also has a paramedic on standby in case Simpson goes into labour, and brings out a Celebrity Baby Name Generator, which creates handles like Thursday Foghorn and Fiddle-Faddle Kazoo (despite the fact that Simpson already has a name picked out, which she’s not sharing).

Ellen manages to violate one of the key rules of talking to pregnant women and mentions multiple times how big Simpson looks. Amongst the offending comments: “This doesn’t look real: this looks like a joke. When are you due? … It looks like tomorrow!” and “But, how many are in there?!”

Despite the unintentional barbs, Simpson seems to be in great frame of mind—she’s glowing and happy. Countdown is on!

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