Pregnant Model Walks the Catwalk in Lingerie

Pregnant model Lucie Váchová. Photography by isifa/Getty Images Entertainment

Last week, a pretty pregnant (we guess six months?) Lucie Váchová donned some lingerie and modelled during a fashion show for Czech Look magazine in Prague.

It’s not the first time a pregnant model has walked in a runway show. In September 2010, Miranda Kerr (Orlando Bloom‘s wife) walked for Balenciaga while five months pregnant (though, any belly was hidden behind a leather houndstooth cape).

And that’s not even to mention the models who have made it back to the runway in record time after giving birth. In 2009, Heidi Klum modeled in a Victoria’s Secret show just five weeks after giving birth, and in August this year, model Anna Freemantle was back on the catwalk just nine days after giving birth to her second son. (Check out her pre-pregnancy and then five-month-pregnant frame side by side here. Can you tell the difference?)

What did Freemantle credit to her ability to get her pre-baby body back so fast? As reported by The Daily Mail in August 2011, she says it was walking, Bio-Oil and good genes that made the difference.

“I’ve always been a pretty active person so the minute I got out of labour the one thing I really felt like was to get back on my feet and go for walks,” Freemantle told the Daily Mail. “I guess a bit of good genes in terms of the elasticity of the skin …. and a lot of Bio-Oil for the stretch marks.”

So, is that it then? Luck of the draw? Good genes? Bio-Oil? How did you get your pre-baby body back? Or are you still working on it?

One response to “Pregnant Model Walks the Catwalk in Lingerie”

  1. Jenn D says:

    I did a lot of walking (7-25kms at a time) and I cut out all processed foods. By my daughter’s first birthday, I was 15lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight.