Combat Learning Loss: 7 Ways to Prevent Brain Drain

All kids experience learning loss when they don’t engage their brain over the break. Combat it by grabbing opportunities to teach where you can find them.

prevent learning loss

It’s break time! That means it’s time for children to shut their books and not open them until they head back to school, right? Wrong. All play and no school can make it difficult to get back up to speed when school and homework and getting up early roll around again.

According to research, all students experience learning loss when they don’t engage their brain over the break—over the summer break, the average loss is nearly three-months of academic learning!

To combat that slide, parents can strike a balance between learning and fun, by infusing summer lessons with informality and grabbing opportunities to teach where they can find them. Here are a few ideas to keep kids’ brains moving this break:

Use the right kind of technology. 

prevent learning loss

Get your little ones to use their phones for good by downloading apps that incorporate fun with actual learning skills. Here are a few great examples: Quick Math JuniorNumbers LeagueBrilliant

Go on a field trip. 

prevent learning loss

Plan an outing to the zoo, your local aquarium or spend a day touring a museum for a hands on learning experience that kids will enjoy. 

Head to the farmers market.

prevent learning loss

Not only a chance to learn where their food comes from, but a teachable moment about money skills too! Hand over the shopping list and teach them about eating what’s grown close by.

Start a family book club.

prevent learning loss

Pick a book that everyone in the family will enjoy reading. Whether it’s the latest Harry Potter novel or a New York Times Best Seller, make it a ritual to foster a love for reading!

Plant a garden or window boxes.

prevent learning loss

Teach kids about nutrition and growth with a summer garden. Gardening will also help them learn about dirt, seeds and seedlings, and where their food comes from. Plus it’s good exercise!

Get connected in the kitchen.

prevent learning loss

By letting kids experiment with food, they will learn science, along with fine motor skills, math and direction following.

Enrol them in fun classes.

prevent learning loss

If your child is not going to camp this break, they may enjoy taking a class that’s a little different from the one they sit in throughout the school year. Places like the Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre in St. Andrews, New Brunswick offer classes  like Introduction to Pottery, Exploring Under the Sea and Creating Pixel Drawings for a true hands on creative experience.  Surrounded by beautiful scenery and nature in it’s truest form, kids will be able to explore the connection between art and the outdoors all in one spot.


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