Review: Sex in the City 2—Frivolous, Fun and 100% More Moms

I’ll preface this review by saying that I really thought SATC should have just left well enough alone. The series ended so beautifully that it should have been left to linger that way in our memories forever. But then they ruined it with the first movie. So, could it be MORE ruined by another movie?

Make no mistake, this is a frivolous, frock-filled fluffball of a movie. It’s glamorous and campy and ridiculous and, at times, more hilarious than I might have anticipated. It’s set mostly in Abu Dhabi as the fab four head off on a PR trip courtesy of Samantha. And Abu Dhabi, not oft featured in current media, makes for a very stunning backdrop.

Carrie is the star of the show, obviously, settling into her marriage with Big and struggling with fears of “old married couple” and “TV and takeout”. Well, imagine the drama when she runs into Aidan (yes, AIDAN) in a market in old Abu Dhabi!! (GASP.) Samantha is up to her old tricks, (flirting, sexing, flaunting, etc.,) which don’t go down so well in the Middle East, and now that Charlotte is a full-fledged mama of two and Miranda’s son Brady is in Grade 1, parenting takes a slightly more prominent place in the SATC world. (I say slightly for a reason: no one but Carrie gets too much attention this film around.) There is a lovely and heartfelt exchange between Miranda (old-hat mom) and Charlotte (struggling-to-make-it-look-like-parenting-is easy mom) that involves tears and a toast to moms to make do without “help”. (How do they do it?!)

All that said, if you’re looking for a cinematic masterpiece full of stunning story arcs and well-developed characters and engaging plot points, you won’t find those here. And while I can’t profess to be an expert on Middle Eastern culture, I’m fairly certain that I’m no more of an expert after watching that film. And though there is more parenting stuff in this film than SATC past, it would have been nice to see a little bit more about the joys of parenthood in addition to the struggles.

And, in sum, the movie is mostly just downright silly. (I don’t care how fashionable you think you are: you don’t wear stilettos on a camel ride.) But it’s a  bit of fluff to watch with girlfriends: it’s got its share of laughs, its share of shoes, and its share of all the stuff you’ve come to know and love about SATC.

Including Smith Jared.
And his bare chest.

Thank goodness for that.

–Megan, editor of

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