Send Us Your “Luxe for Less” For A Chance To Win!

Are you a bargain shopper? Have you snagged an amazing deal lately? Well, we want to know about it! Tell us about your best “Luxe for Less” purchase for a chance to win either a $50 gift certificate from Babies R Us or a Lux UltraSoft Hobo Diaper Bag.

This weeks winning Luxe for Less winning idea came from a grandma who shared how she makes Easter a little more special in her house. Instead of candied eggs and jujube bunnies, her little ones hunt for homemade treats (fondant eggs! handmade barrettes!). And the kicker, she buys Easter candy after the holiday, when it is discounted, and saves it to melt and dip her homemade eggs and marshmallow treats the following year.

In honour of the 300 birthday parties we’ll be attending over the next couple of months, we thought we’d ask if anyone has any cheap but chic gift giving ideas—for kids and adults! Do you have a closet or extra drawer full of things you pick up on sale? Or do you make some of your gifts? If so, what do you make? Tell us about and you could win!

To enter send us your “Luxe for Less” find at

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