Sick Day Solutions: 5 Great Books for Sick Kids

My wee one is home sick today. A fever in the night has turned into a drowsy, droopy, sniffly kid running at half-speed.

We’re keeping things simple, with a Sick Day Diet: warming Chicken Gnocchi Soup for lunch, with the blueberry popsicles (from this set of 10 homemade ice pop recipes) for later when she’s back from the Land of Counterpane.

While the popsicles chill, I’m giving her equal doses of cartoons, snuggles and snoozes.

If you’ve got a sick kiddo at home, here’s how to tell if it’s a cold or flu. These  5 tips for managing cold and flu season will help you cope. And keep the flu from spreading with Dr. Arlene King’s tips on staying healthy in a sick house.

And here are 5 great books to read while they’re on the mend:

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