Simple Fall Fun: 7 Adorable Photos of Kids Playing in Leaves

What's more fun than jumping in a giant pile of fall leaves? These cute kids will help you get into the fall spirit!

Admit it: one of the best things about fall when you were a kid was jumping in that giant leaf pile out in the backyard. It doesn’t matter how much time you had to spending raking them up (or how much time your incredibly patient parents spent raking them up), nothing was more satisfying than leaping into that pile of leaves with wild abandon and hearing them crunch beneath you. As far as inexpensive entertainment goes, it doesn’t get much cheaper than this! So head outdoors with your kids when the leaves fall and let ’em take that leap. And when you’re all done, give these three fun fall crafts a try.


Photography by lecates via Flickr (CC)

Photography by Ernst Vikne via Flickr (CC)


Photography by superhua via Flickr (CC)


Photography by simonnjulia via Flickr (CC)

Photography by Giulio Mola via Flickr (CC)


Photography by Abigail Batchelder via Flickr (CC)


Photography by Karin Dalziel via Flickr (CC)

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By Shannon Phillips