Stuff I Love: “Conversations to Keep” Mom & Me Recordable Book

Each Mother’s Day, I am woken up to the sounds of, “Don’t you want to open up my homemade pencil holder first, Mommy? You are going to be so surprised!” Yes. Each Mother’s Day, I am bombarded with homemade cards and poems and letters and crafts. And don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful for each and every one of the  soup-in-a-jars and the picture frames. But this year, I was given something something I wasn’t expecting; the sounds of my children.

My three children sat down with Hallmark‘s “Conversations to Keep” Mom & Me Recordable Book and recorded themselves answering open-ended questions like “If you and your mama made the grossest pizza ever, what would you put on it?” and “If you and your mama had a super power, what would it be?” Their answers were nothing short of perfection.

You see, it’s always nice to see what artwork my children can create at school, but there’s nothing like having evidence of what they sound like at this exact moment in their lives. I will forever know that in May of 2011, my 8-year-old wanted to be a scientist when he grew up and that if my ten-year-old could ask me any question in the world, she would ask me if I was secretly Lady Gaga.

It was, of course, funny to see that when the kids didn’t immediately know what to say that they would use the illustrations in the books as prompts. When the book asked my 5-year-old what her mama would do with a million dollars, she answered that I would build a swimming pool and swim in all of my cash, because, of course, the kangaroo in the story was doing that very thing with her million dollars.

The only real drawback to this gift is that now I’m going to expect to receive one every single Mother’s Day.

“Conversations to Keep” Mom & Me Recordable Book, $25, available at Hallmark.

—Ali, Senior Associate Editor of

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