Tales of Bliss Story Competition: Vote for Reader’s Choice

In a conference room full of excited bloggers at BlissDom, CF’s editor-in-chief Jen Reynolds issued a challenge: Tell us how you found your bliss and we’ll publish the best story. Simple, right? We soon learned that there are so many definitions of bliss, and there was no way that we could choose just one. So, the editors of Canadian Family chose three stories to be their editor’s choice stories, written by Annabel Fitzsimmons, Andrea Tomkins and Karen Green, and those are published in the March 2012 issue, which will be available on newsstands next Thursday (February 2nd).

But there were so many wonderful stories! So now it’s your turn. Read the 13 additional Tales of Bliss finalists below and choose your favourite. The winner will be crowned Reader’s Choice (we’ll announce the winner on March 9th)!

• My Bliss List by Karma Brown

• Uncovering Bliss by Felicia Dewar

• Journeying to Bliss by Julie Elsdon-Height

• Have You Found Your Bliss? by Nerina Field

• Mine for the Taking by Louise Gleeson

• A New Bliss by Heather Hamilton

• Finding Your Bliss by Alexis Hindle

• Following My Bliss by Deborah Lowther

• How I Found My Bliss by Rosemary Nickerson

Ignorance is Bliss by Chantal Saville

• Detour by Paula Schuck

Finding My Bliss by Amber Smith

The Overflowing Life by Jen Taylor


2 responses to “Tales of Bliss Story Competition: Vote for Reader’s Choice”

  1. Tricia mumby says:

    What wonderful selections and topic! Great to see these wonderful women receiving the spotlight they deserve!

  2. Sarah says:

    What a terrific idea. My hat is off to all these women. ~ Sarah