The Coolest Way to Spend an Afternoon This Weekend

The magical world of The Hidden Park

Imagine a stroll through the park with the on Sunday afternoon. Now imagine dragons popping out from behind trees, fairies floating through the branches and creatures emerging from the rocks beneath your feet.

No, you’re not hallucinating from a lack of sleep: you’re playing The Hidden Park, and augmented reality game for the iPhone.

The Hidden Park turns major parks around the globe into mystical puzzles. You can even use your own local park as a backdrop!

The game begins with a call from a mystical creature who needs help saving the local park from destruction: he needs to prove that it’s teeming with magical wildlife. Your family is tasked with getting photographic evidence of their existence. As you weave your way through the park, following the magical GPS-enabled map, you must solve puzzles and unravel clues to find all of the hidden creatures. Snap a shot of your kids at the designated spots, and creatures appear in the photos.

Toronto’s High Park is currently the only park in Canada already programmed, but as mentioned, parents can set up the game to work in any park in your area.

The Hidden Park is available through the iPhone app store and is $3.99.

Bring along a few snacks and drinks, borrow a friend with an iPhone if you don’t have one, and you’ve got a magical fun-filled long-weekend afternoon for only a few bucks!

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