The Drawing Hope Project: Making Magic Happen

Step inside a world of endless possibilities with a real-life storybook

Photography by Shawn Van Daele, The Drawing Hope Project

When you’re a kid, anything is possible—you just have to use your imagination.

This is exactly why we love The Drawing Hope Project and everything it stands for. Shawn Van Daele, a Canadian photographer who has a love for photo manipulation, came up with the idea to create a storybook of magical photographs based on the drawings of 20 children who were born or are living with a health condition. The result thus far has been a series of whimsical images, taking you to places where unicorns, fairies and magic apples exist.

The creative photographer wrote on the project’s website that he hopes the collection of images will “offer hope to others who are fighting, surviving, or just looking for some heart-warming inspiration.” The completed storybook is to be published in 2013, with plans for a second volume to follow.

Each child plays a character in their photograph, such as Marco (pictured right) who is “The Explorer.” While the project has surpassed its fundraising goal, donations will continue to be accepted in order to allow more children to participate and more copies of the book to be printed. It will also give Van Daele, who is from a small village just outside of Guelph, Ont., the ability to travel more often so that he can share the stories of kids outside of Ontario as well.

You are sure to be inspired by the strength and optimism of the amazing children who are part of this project. To read their stories and see their drawings, visit the The Drawing Hope Project on Facebook. Pictures from photo shoots that have already been completed have been posted there as well.

Drawing submissions for the project’s first book are ongoing until September 2012, and are open to any child from across Canada who has a health condition or has overcome one. To submit a drawing or find out more about the cause or donating, please visit the project’s official website.

2 responses to “The Drawing Hope Project: Making Magic Happen”

  1. Shelley says:

    Shawn has not only a huge amount of talent, but an even bigger heart! I am so honored that my son is part of this wonderful project!

  2. Julia says:

    I so agree with Shelley. Shawn sure has great talent. One of the kind. I am also very happy that my boy has a part at this wonderful project.