4 Tips for Taking Your Baby Camping

With a few modifications, camping adventures with your baby are still within reach

Photography by Collin O’Connor

There’s still plenty of time this year to enjoy some late-summer (or early fall!) camping with your family. But many wilderness enthusiasts worry that tent adventures must be put on hold in the first months or even years after a baby comes along. Fortunately, with a few extra precautions, new parents don’t have to give up on the fun. Scroll through for some easy strategies you can adopt when taking baby on his or her first camping trip.

Water Safety
There are no testing standards to certify PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) for users under 20 pounds. Even still, there are a lot of Baby PFDs on the market. Try it out in pools or lakes before the trip to get your little one used to wearing it, and always supervise attentively.

Sun Smarts
Many health professionals advise against sunscreen on babies younger than six months. To keep them protected, infants should be outfitted in a hat and lightweight clothing, and be under a sunshade whenever possible. For babies older than six months, pack a high SPF sunscreen formulated for babies.

Diaper Duty
All used diapers must be properly thrown away, meaning you might have to carry them off the campsite with you. If you won’t have access to adequate garbage disposal on site, consider bringing reusable cloth diapers. You can spend a sunny afternoon doing laundry with biodegradable soap. But remember: Try to do your washing far away from campsites and water sources.

Have Fun!
One way to make the wilderness an important part of your child’s life is to start early. Your baby’s appreciation for wild places will grow as they do, so have fun!

Have you taken your wee one camping? What was your biggest challenge?

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