Best Road Trip Ice Cream Stops in Canada

Summer time is ice cream time! Frozen treats are a necessary part of vacation, so be sure to check out these amazing spots to grab a seat and a cone.

Summer time is ice cream time! Frozen treats are a necessary part of vacation, so if you’re spending time away from home this year, be sure to check out your destination’s best ice cream shop. Here are the best places to get ice cream in a variety of Canada’s top travel locations.

Three Young children including 2 brothers and their baby sister are sitting outside a restaurant on the patio eating ice cream cones by a fountain.

Avondale Dairy Bar, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.

Visit Avondale Dairy Bar on a typical day and you’ll see a long line running practically out the door. Once you get your heavenly ice cream delight, you’ll see why this place is so popular! There’s nothing like hand-churned ice cream on a warm summer day. Be sure to try the Tiger ice cream, a unique flavour that tastes like licorice and orange! Locals have been known to send a gallon of Tiger, packed in a UPS box of dry ice, to relatives and kids away at college.

Soft Peaks, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Eat local! There’s no better way to experience the heart of a city than to eat regionally-sourced food and ice cream is no exception! Next time you’re in the Vancouver area, head to Soft Peaks, which serves organic soft-serve ice cream. This is about as healthy as ice cream gets: It’s organic, non-GMO and fresh. Even the cups, spoons and toppings are locally sourced!

Best Road Trip Ice Cream Stops in Canada

The Moo Shoppe, Regina, Saskatchewan.

The Moo Shoppe may be closed during the cold winter months, but it’s a popular place to get a cone during the spring and summer! You can get hard or soft serve ice cream here. Try the delicious grape flavour!

Kool Breeze Ice Cream Barn, Summerside, Prince Edward Island.

Come get some ice cream from a real repurposed red barn! Not only does this place make for cool photo ops, it also serves awesome ice cream. Try a towering Sunday with swirl of soft-serve ice cream, a drizzle of Nutella sauce and a maraschino cherry on top.

Best Road Trip Ice Cream Stops in Canada

Crèmerie Bennic Dairy Bar Inc., Dieppe, New Brunswick.

This place is always hopping with ice cream lovers! Everything is great here, from the soft-serve chocolate dipped cones to the ridiculously extravagant sundaes. Go all the way and get a Reese’s Peanut Butter Sundae with peanut butter brownies, three swirls of vanilla ice cream and a river of chocolate syrup.

BDI: Bridge Drive-In, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

If you want the creamiest soft-serve ice cream and milkshakes around, head to BDI. This place has been making Winnipeg smile for half a century! Order a swirl of Peach Velvet in a specialty cone for the ultimate experience.

Tutto Gelateria, Villa de Québec, Québec.

Opt for gelato instead! Are you brave enough to try avocado gelato? If not, no worries—this place serves plenty of other flavours as well! Choose from classics like pistachio or opt for something more exciting, like chili chocolate.

Best Road Trip Ice Cream Stops in Canada

MacKay’s Ice Cream, Cochrane, Alberta.

MacKay’s ice cream has a distinctive, rich flavour that comes from its not-so-secret main ingredient: Canadian high butterfat cream. For almost 70 years, the MacKay family has been creating delicious ice cream concoctions for Calgary day trippers and locals alike. Try Maple Walnut, a delicious flavour that reflects Canada’s most iconic product.

Dee Dee’s Ice Cream, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

This little hole-in-the-wall treasure is Halifax’s best kept secret. Grab a burrito and ice cream here for the perfect summer treat! Kids will love the shop’s book nook.

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