Dispatch from Cuba

The last time I was in Cuba was in Grade 13 with my friend Andrea. We wanted sun and were on a budget—which also explains why we are here in this week 20 (or so) years later. With my son home from school for Easter Break, we decided to high tail it out of town on Monday when that last snow storm hit. Enough winter. We needed sun. Scanning the last minute deals, we decided to focus on the beach and not much other than price. We took off on Thursday and here we are Santa Lucia right on the beach. Granted our accomadations are basic, the food is okay, the drinks are mostly mediorcre but the beach and pool are fantastic.

Today we were picked up at our hotel at 9 am for a catamaran tour to Playa Bonita to snorkel around the coral reef just off Sabinal Island. Parrot fish and whole schools of bright yellow and white fish with black stripes down the spine and tons of others. I saw a real live (although it didn’t really look alive) starfish that the guide picked up to show us close up.

Lunch on Sabinal Island was seafood galore. Tender calamari, fresh fish, lobster and an amazing paella was a welcome break at noon and in fact the best meal we have had since arriving. Sunning ourselves or chilling in the hammock in the shade. This is paradise.

—LeeAnne, CF‘s food editor

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