Dispatch from Hawaii: Lava vs. Lava

Front row seat to a Waikiki sunset

Note: Contributing editor Tim Johnson is on a tough assignment— he’s on the road in Hawaii, researching an upcoming travel feature for the magazine. This is his first blog post from the islands. We are trying not to look out our windows and feel blistering envy.

Any geologist worth his salt will tell you that the island of Oahu (home to Honolulu, Waikiki and Pearl Harbor) was formed from the flows of ancient volcanoes. But when you visit, don’t miss out on the lava that’s served at Bali by the Sea, a four star restaurant with five star views of Waikiki Beach, especially at sunset (the picture here was taken a couple of hours ago from my seaside table). Here’s how it works with their Chocolate Lava Flow: almond dough and fresh raspberries arrive at the table ensconced in a chocolate shell. Then the waiter pours warm, melted chocolate over it, readying the shell’s delectable contents for your spoon, and your pleasure. Now that’s lava.

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