Dispatch from Hawaii: Loo-wowed

There are many great things about the Waikiki Starlight Luau here at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort. There’s the food (including island favourites like poi, pineapple and roast pork), a crooning MC, and both lovely ladies and macho men dancing the hula (not to mention the beautiful Pacific views and warm breezes of Waikiki afforded by its rooftop location). But the undisputed high point of the evening are the fireknife dancers (pictured). With a cacophony of martial drums banging in the background, these guys spin and throw flaming torches, which they also twirl through their legs, dangerously close to their, ahem, family jewels.

And going from best to worst, perhaps the low point of the night was when I was invited to the stage to display my hula moves (also pictured). Not good. But at least they didn’t let me near the flaming torches.


 —Tim Johnson, CF‘s Contributing Editor and future star of So You Think You Can Dance


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