Dispatch from Hawaii: Obamaland

Stop number one on my DIY Obama tour

It’s no secret that the 44th President of the United States spent a good chunk of his life here in Hawaii. Now Honolulu, where he was born and spent much of his childhood and teen years, is cashing in. There are at least two companies offering Obama tours, which shuttle you around to the places where the President lived, played basketball, attended school, and scooped ice cream at his summer job. While the timing didn’t work out for me to join one of these tours, I’ve put together one of my own, simply by walking around. I had a burger at Kua’Aina Sandwich, where Barack, Michelle, and the kids had lunch during their vacation last December, I walked by a place where Obama (they claim) dined frequently as a student, and I’ve enjoyed browsing the burgeoning selection of T-shirts highlighting the President’s relationship with this island state — my favourite of which proclaims, in big letters across the back: “Obama Surfs.

—Tim Johnson, CF‘s contributing editor and maverick tourist

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