Dispatch from Hawaii: Table for Two?

Table 70 at Humu Humu: very nice

If you visit the Grand Wailea Resort Hotel and Spa here on Maui, you’ll find plenty to do as a family, from the beach to a variety of water sports to the hotel’s renowned pools and waterslides (which include seven slides, a Tarzan swing, a baby beach, and the world’s only water elevator). But you’ll have a great reason to park your progeny in the kids club or teen dance club and take an evening for some Mom and Dad alone time: Table 70 at Humuhumunukunukuapua’a. The restaurant, named after Hawaii’s state fish and affectionately (and more easily) known as Humu Humu, is located close to the sea, in a quiet nook under Polynesian-style thatched roofs, beside a lagoon filled with hundreds of fish and lobster (the latter of which you can pull out with a trap and have on your plate a few minutes later). Their Table 70 was recently named one of the “Best Tables for Two” by Islands magazine, an authority on all things tropical and beautiful. At Table 70, which sits completely surrounded by the saltwater lagoon, you can settle into your wicker chair under hand-carved tiki lamps and gaze from your partner’s eyes out to swaying palms and the moon-splashed Pacific.


—Tim Johnson, CF‘s roving contributing editor


Editor’s note: Sigh.




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