Guest Post: A Tale of Two Travels—Part 2: Packing

Guest blogger Corinne McDermott of Have Baby Will Travel shares how her packing habits have changed since becoming a mom.

Photo by gemsling, via Flickr

I would not categorize myself as terribly high maintenance. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy my products and there are a few niceties I certainly can’t live without, but becoming a mother has meant that my needs take a back seat to that of my kids’—certainly while they’re little—and nowhere has that become more apparent than when packing for travel. Once upon a time I was a single gal exploring Europe on my own. Ten years later I was figuring out buffet meal schedules at a big resort with a husband and baby in tow. Luckily that husband doubled as a pack mule.

It was either Let’s Go or Lonely Planet that suggested packing your pack, testing the weight, taking out half your stuff and bringing more money. I did not follow that directive to a T, but I somehow managed to pack and carry enough clothes and basic toiletries to last me for six weeks. I like shopping in foreign drugstores, so I didn’t mind having to pick up the odd sod or two as needed. Back then I subscribed to the typical backpacker uniform of cut-offs and a t-shirt, but I brought along a few simple dresses when the frump factor got to be a bit much in the more chic cities.

The size of my backpack would probably have just held the diapers for our inaugural family vacation. My husband laughed when he saw our pile of luggage—it truly seemed ridiculous at the time. But bear in mind we would not have easy access to shopping AND I was a total worrywart about sticking with brands I trusted AND I didn’t want to feel stranded without something I deemed to be a necessity. I packed a lot of baby food, though, so our bags were considerably lighter on our way home.

These days I’ve lightened up considerably as well (figuratively, in this case!). More trips under our belt plus the addition of a new baby can do that to you!

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