Guest Post: A Tale of Two Travels—Part 3: Perspective

Guest blogger Corinne McDermott of Have Baby Will Travel shares her new perspective on travel with family.

Photo by Let Ideas Compete, via Flickr

If you had told the 10-years-ago me that I’d be booking yet another trip down south to a big all-inclusive resort AND I was looking forward to it, I’d have given a big eye roll and in my best travel-snob voice replied “I don’t think so.” Yet, that is exactly what I’ve done and I could not be more excited about it. My jaunt across Europe was 6 weeks away from work, but truly it was work in itself. The first trip with our daughter was technically a vacation but as a first-time-mom it was still work.

Both trips were amazing. Both trips were challenging. Both trips created memories that will last a lifetime. Now, as a mother of a preschooler and an infant, the ‘easy’ trips have more appeal. I often read of other families still doing the backpack thing with their tots, and more power to ‘em. For me, it’s not a kids thing, though. I think it’s more an (ahem) age thing. Do I want to share a bathroom? No. Am I willing to sleep in a hotel attic amongst the laundry to save $40? Not anymore. Would I consider hopping off a train or ferry without knowing where I’d be staying that night? Not with tired kids in tow!

Of course there are times when I miss feeling fully immersed in a culture when I’m somewhere so different from home. But I realize that my kids will be so little for such a short amount of time. These trips (to my delight) are instilling the love of travel in them that my mother instilled in me. I can’t wait to introduce them to Europe!

Just this time, I’ll probably have more than one bag.

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