Insider’s Disney: Five Naptime Rides and Attractions

While there really aren’t any rides at Disney that can accommodate a nice, long two-hour nap, if your kids (or you, for that matter) are looking to pick up a few minutes of mid-afternoon chill time and shuteye, there are plenty of places at all four Disney theme parks that will do the job. Here are five of the best.

Living with the Land (EPCOT): One of the shortest waits in all of Disney (usually five minutes or less), this fifteen-minute sit-down offers comfy seats for a little through warm greenhouses and educational areas with lessons on land usage. In addition, Soarin’—the most popular ride at EPCOT—is next door, so you can grab a Fast Pass before climbing on board The Land.

Flights of Wonder (Animal Kingdom): This less-popular show lasts about 30 minutes, usually has plenty of available seating, plus shade and cooling breezes.

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress.

Carousel of Progress (Magic Kingdom): With its animatronic characters and optimistic theme, this ride, originally created by Walt Disney himself for the Chicago World’s Fair, is a Disney classic. It is also air conditioned, about 15 minutes in length, with cushy theatre seating and darkness and lots of historical commentary—perfect to catch a few winks.

Inter-park boat (connects Hollywood Studios with EPCOT): Families usually travel between the parks by monorail or bus, but there is a little known boat that connects Hollywood Studios with EPCOT. It moves slowly, making three stops at resorts along the way, and its gentle rumbling and ponderous pace provide a nice environment for a nap.

The American Idol Experience (Hollywood Studios): While not quiet, this show—an imitation of the wildly popular television program, which pits actual park guests against one another for singing supremacy—offers a darkened theatre and thirty solid minutes off your feet.

—Tim Johnson, CF‘s travel editor and resident Disney expert

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