Insider’s Disney: Ten Tips for Travelling to The Magic Kingdom (2 of 4)

With winter now in its full frigid glory across Canada, many families are planning their escape to the warm, happy streets of Walt Disney World. Here, continued, are five more tips to help you make the most of it. (Read the first five tips!)

Spaceship Earth, AKA "the big golf ball," at EPCOT.

Tip #6: Weekends start on Thursday. Disney is a busy place, and it’s at its busiest during the weekend—which typically starts, judging by the crowds, on Thursday, not Friday. So if you want to avoid lineups, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are your best days to visit the parks.

Tip #7: Make a quick escape. Wishes, the spectacular fireworks presentation at the Magic Kingdom, is one of the most popular attractions in all of Walt Disney World—meaning that the rush to the parking lot at its conclusion can be a wee bit harried. Slide quickly past Main Street USA by walking through the shops on the right side of the street, which are all connected inside, and then take the resort monorail instead of the express monorail—you will have to make one extra (two-minute) stop en route to the parking lot, but these are typically much less crowded and have fewer people in line to get on board.

Tip #8: Bring snacks. While Disney definitely offers a wide variety of snacking and dining options, you can save a few bucks (and some time) by packing some of your family’s favourites into a little ice pack, which fits nicely into a stroller.

Tip #9: Take some time for EPCOT. On paper, with its mix of futuristic (often educational) rides and international pavilions, EPCOT (an acronym for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) doesn’t look like it would be a favourite for families with young kids—but many young families actually come back loving this park more than any other. It is typically the least crowded of the four theme parks, and includes a number of small, cute rides with short wait times, fascinating shows at the international pavilions, and lots of hands-on opportunities, especially at Innoventions.

Tip #10: Fast Pass First. Fast Passes are an ingenious Disney invention that allow you to skip to the front of the line at some of the most popular rides—you get these little tickets near the ride, wait a couple hours for your time slot to come around, then basically walk right onto the ride. So it pays to get the Fast Pass at your favourite attraction first, then enjoy the rest of the park while you wait for your Fast Pass return time to roll around.

—Tim Johnson, CF’s travel editor and resident Disney expert

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