New Ride Coming to Canada’s Wonderland: Awesome or Terrifying?

The WindSeeker is Canada Wonderland’s next big thing!

Earlier this week we caught wind of the new ride being built for Canada’s Wonderland, the sprawling amusement park north of Toronto. And despite the fact that the park itself has developed a kind of shabby, lowest-common-denominator quality to it, and retains very little of the “magic” we remember from visits as kids (that charming mountain music has made way for Top 40 and a funnel cake now costs more than $10, and that doesn’t even include toppings!), the rides are still pretty great, and we’re excited for a new one.

It’s called the WindSeeker, and is essentially a giant (and we mean GIANT) set of swings that soars 30 storeys over the park. That’s 70 feet higher than the massive rollercoaster the Behemoth, which was opened a couple of years ago to rave reviews (it’s Canada’s biggest).

The Behemoth is terrifying in a thrilling kind of way, but what about WindSeeker? How tall is too tall? How scary is too much? Will you be riding? Would you let your kids? Eeeeek!

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