Our Next Guest: Corinne McDermott of Have Baby Will Travel

Corinne McDermott gets around. No, seriously: her vacation roster is incredibly impressive. And when she’s not jaunting around the world with her husband and two wee ones in tow (Megan is 4 and Riley is nearly 9 months), she’s in Toronto, writing about travelling with kids on her fantastic website, Have Baby Will Travel. But it’s not just Corinne’s reviews you’ll find at Have Baby Will Travel, you’ll read trip reports from other parents, find family-friendly destination details from tourist bureaus and a whole host of helpful travel tips.

Corinne was a long-time TV producer, but upon her first mat-leave, was frustrated by the lack of travel info for parents out in the world (while she was planning for her first family vacation: before mat leave was over!). Along with the help of her husband, she started her site to help other parents in similar travel predicaments, and in 2008, decided to make her site a full-time gig.

Join us next week when Corinne shares some behind-the-scenes travel stories and some of that fantastic family travel advice.

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