Photo of the Day: Sunnier Skies

Ishya and Isaiah on their Florida vacation. Photo submitted by Kimberly Adams, Oshawa, ON.

I don’t know if you know this about us, but we love Florida (and it looks like Ishya and Isaiah do too!) Well, for starters there is Disney, and then there are the palm trees, pink flamingos, amazing golfing and crocodile sightings, oh and did we mention Disney? (Have you seen the fashion shoot we did at Disney for our May issue?)

So while we are in the midst of production here at the office, we are all a tiny bit jealous that our Contributing Editor—and resident globetrotter—Tim Johnson leaves today on a two-week Florida vacation.

Bon Voyage Tim!

(And we expect a tropical shirt-wearing, palm-tree-in-the-background photo upon your return.)

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