Sneak Peek: New Stuff Coming to Disneyland!

World of Color (plus rainbow), in progress (in the lagoon at centre) and captured by Disneyland cameras.

Whereas Florida’s Disney World has sprawling acres left to develop, the original Disney, Disneyland—situated in Orange County near Anaheim, CA—doesn’t quite have the luxury of space. The immediate area surrounding Disneyland has been filled with hotels and conference centres.

So, when Disneyland introduces new attractions, it’s a big deal, because it means that something has been removed, moved, retired or improved. And the new stuff coming down the pipe for Disney’s California Adventure Park (Disneyland’s sister park, situated mere feet apart) has some big changes in store—and we got a sneak peek while recently invited to California.

Already home to some wildly popular attractions—Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror, Grizzly River Run and the Soaring Over California flight simulator, for example—we predict these new changes will put California Adventure Park on a whole new level of popularity.

First up is World of Color, launching on June 11, 2010 (yes, that’s less than a month away): it’s planned to be a nighttime water and light show of epic proportions. Think the Bellagio fountains in Vegas, times 80 and plus your favourite Disney and Pixar characters. It will feature sound, music, animation, fire (really!) and some incredible never-before-seen water effects.

Further down the road in 2011 will be the Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, which will plunge riders into the under-sea world of The Little Mermaid.

And, perhaps most exciting (at least to those of us at CF with Cars fans in our homes) is the new Cars Land, planned for 2012. This massive section of the park will immerse visitors in the world of, you guessed it, Pixar’s Cars: complete with a re-creation of the main street of Radiator Springs, driving rides, shopping, dining and more.

Just one warning: unless you don’t want to hear incessant pleading for the next few years, don’t mention any of these developments to your kids. But if you’re keen to go, find the latest Disney package deals here or learn all about the all of the Disney Parks here.

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