Stay Sane While Travelling: 9 Tips

Staying sane while travelling can be difficult...but we can help (and now you can go on vacation, stress free!)

Travel can be tiring—especially with littles (whether they’re going with you or staying home). It almost (ALMOST!) makes us not want to do it at all…but instead of refusing to leave our area codes, we decided to tackle those worries head on. Here are our top ways to stay sane while travelling.

Use these tips. Trust us.

The Mail

mail-pileIf you’re going away for more than a few days (and you actually still get mail), put a hold on your mail…And it will all be there waiting for you when you get home. As for electronic mail, if you’re not working on vacation then just don’t open your email app on your phone or computer. It’s honestly that easy. Maybe tell people if it’s an actual emergency to text you.

Your Cell

Call your provider and let them know you’ll be abroad and want to adopt a plan overseas. Otherwise, get a pay-as-you-go phone when you arrive.

Kids Missing School

Let the teacher know at least a week in advance that you will be taking little Sally or wee Billy out of their class and let the office know as well so you don’t have to call them in absent from Iceland or China. Ask their teacher to give you all of the homework sheets in advance and perhaps tell them that your child (the superstar that he is) will write a report on one of the cities you are visiting (and if they’re in French Immersion, make sure you can access Word Reference while you’re away)

Shovelling the Walk (and Other Odd Jobs)

Even if it snows unexpectedly while you’re away you can now arrange to have someone come and shovel your walk. Jiffy has on-demand snow removal, charged on a use-by-use basis. They also have services such as Lawn maintenance,  BBQ cleaning and repair, Garage door repair, Window and eaves cleaning, Mobile tire change and auto service or auto detail that you can order online and have done for you while you’re away. It’s like a vacation inside a vacation. Amazing, no?

Finding Your Way Around

find-your-way-aroundYet another reason to have a good roaming plan…use your phone’s map app to get where you need to go. If your kids are in need of a bathroom (always!) smartphone bathroom locators like SitOrSquat and Where to Wee and can help you find the closest facilities.

Finding Interesting and Historical Spots 

History Here is a great app from A&E that highlights historical places near you. This might help with #8 just a little as well.


Register with the Canadians Abroad service (it’s free). It allows the government of Canada to notify you in case of an emergency abroad or a personal emergency at home. The service also enables you to receive important information before or during a natural disaster or civil unrest. You might as well also find out where the location of the nearest Canadian consulate—just in case. Travel insurance is also an excellent idea. It’s one of those things you hope you don’t need but are darned happy you have if you (or your kids) end up having an accident or falling ill.


Yep, it happens. Whether it’s a longish car ride or a delayed flight, the littles will be bored at some point while you’re on vacation. Have a bag of tricks packed specifically for this occurrence. Include age-appropriate toys, books and puzzles (of course if they’re tweens or teens their Smartphone will likely keep them entertained). Pack headphones…and leave toys that make noisjet-lage at home. You—and your fellow travelers—will be thankful.


If you can, plan when to sleep and when to be awake, and try to put the littles on a sleep/wake schedule as well. Try to schedule an extra vacation day (or return home on a Saturday) so that there is a bit of time before returning to work and school and everyday life so everyone can recover (and the laundry can get tackled).  


How do you stay sane while you travel?

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