Toilet GPS: Where to Go When You Gotta Go

Let’s face it, when you gotta go… you gotta go. And so, bathroom maps were born.

Exactly what is a bathroom map you might ask? Some Canadian examples include and, and they are pretty much as they sound: maps with icons that mark toilets, which are added by individual users.

The Powder Room was originally created for women who suffer from overactive bladder and offers a ton of resource material and Sit or Squat has iPhone and Blackberry applications and text messaging services that allow you to find the closest toilet from anywhere you are. But our favourite part of this entire idea is the ability to rate the washroom, and in turn benefit from reading the ratings of others (that’s right, we admit it, we are a wee bit of a can connoisseur).

We love this idea for pit-stop planning on road trips and for finding the cleanest and most child-friendly spots on the block (in fact, if you are ever in Lethbridge Alberta, we hear the Stone’s Throw Cafe has a sweet sock monkey baby change table). Problem is, there aren’t nearly enough washrooms on the map to make it entirely worthwhile, so from one can connoisseur to another…let’s start the potty-plotting movement.

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