Top 25 Hidden Gems in Canada from Coast-to-Coast

Why not travel to one of your favourite places in the country? Here are 25 from some of the top hidden gems to visit in Canada shared by IHG. What's yours?

There is a lot happening to remind us how incredible our country is and how lucky we are to be Canadian. This patriotism has lead the inspiration for Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), who have invited Canadians to share their favourite travel destinations from coast-to-coast to create the ultimate list of Canada’s top 150 Hidden Gems.

Whether you’re a nature lover who wants to visit the West Coast, an urbanite searching for adventures in the big city, or a lover of all things East Coast – check out 27 of these hidden gems they’ve curated that will have you asking why you waited so long.




Oh, and don’t worry about accommodation—all of these travel hot spots are within 45 minutes of an IHG hotel property.

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